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KYC Verification Steps of CryptoEngine

After you have registered on the CryptoEngine platform, please go through the following procedures to complete the KYC (Verification of the Applicant) steps.

For those who received a message displayed as “Value Cannot be Null” after filling out the required information during the KYC process (before Sept. 26 2019), but did not experience any issues afterwards, this means you have successfully completed the KYC process.

1, Please click the top-right corner of the screen, where indicated by a red arrow in the image below.


You will see “Account”, “Estimated Value” and “Logout”.  Please click “Account”.


2, When the screen is displayed as shown below, then please click “Submit Verification Document”.


3, When the screen for submitting required documents appears, please enter the information for each item, attach the data and click submit.


* The selection menu for the Document Type was changed as of October 17. Please see the image below.

  1. Enter your first name

  2. Enter your last name

  3. Enter the date of birth

  4. Enter the country of residence

  5. Select the type of document to be submitted (*1)

  6. Select the photo of document to be submitted (*2)

  7. Select the photo of an applicant as he/she is holding the document to be submitted. (*2)

If you wish to submit passport, select:
“One picture of a Passport (both sides)”

If you wish to submit “Zairyu Kyokasho”, select:
“One picture of an ID (both sides)

If you wish to submit driving license, select:
“One picture of a driving license (both sides)

The passport, ID and driving license must be internationally recognized as an identification card. 

For items No.1 and 2, enter by using the language according to the way it is written on the submitted document.

When submitting the documents, blurred images may be rejected. When you scan the images using a scanner or a mobile phone, be sure that the resolution is high.


4, Once you see a check mark (as shown in Red Circle), this means that you have been properly identified and the KYC process is now complete.

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