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For those who hold KDC, LGC, DADO, GLC, FOC, CGC

The last trading took place on August 15, 2019 and the trading operation ended as of that time.
Therefore, how many of each of these coins you held on that day, will be checked and converted to USD$ basis.  Then, according to how much assets you had held in USD$, the equipvalent amount in BTH will be distributed to users on CryptoEngine.

As to BTH distribution, check and conversion proceed currently as an explanation above. Application information will be provided on September 17 and BTH will be distributed in sequential order.

Please register the same email address you were using for TDX and DICEWALLE on CryptoEngine referring a guide below.

How to Register to CryptoEngine 
Please register.  ( Use the same email address you were using for TDX and DICEWALLET.)
For more details on how to register, view the video clip below.


Assets will be distributed only on CryptoEngine.
Check the address that appears in the column for BTH DEPOSIT first, then wait for further info.

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