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About CoinZentral

For those who have their assets remained on CoinZentral after its closure.

    Please register.  
    (Use the same email address you were using for CoinZentral.)
    For how to register, please view the video clip below.
    -video clip:

  2.  After registration on CryptoEngine, please verify until General(Level2).

  3. Users coins are currently being added up. When it's finished, coins will be distributed to your accounts on CryptoEngine.
    For this, following information and document are requested to submit;
    A. User's name
    B. ID(registered email address) for TDX and DICEWALLET
    C. Picture of your passport or driver's license
    D. Contact e-mail address
    E. Deposit addresses of coins to be distributed on CryptoEngine

*Email address to submit will be indicated here once adding up will be completed.
 Notice: Your assets can only be sent to CryptoEngine since KYC is the top priority for users.

*Please refer to the following page for KYC(=VERIFICATION) on CryptoEngine

Click here on KYC procedure

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